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of DeFi

A Vanguard Approach to Privacy in DeFi;


Let the Numbers Speak!


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As simple
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Augment your private balance effortlessly with your asset of choice.


Swap & LP while keeping your details concealed. Our shielded accounts, powered by zk-SNARKs, guarantee privacy and security.


Recapture your assets when required, sent directly back to your deposit address, maintaining absolute transaction privacy.



Redacted is designed with full regulatory compliance in mind, striving to uphold all relevant jurisdictional guidelines while providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Secure Origin Verification

Maintaining regulatory compliance without sacrificing privacy is one of our top priorities. At Redacted, we have designed our platform to abide by all existing rules and regulations while providing privacy-preserving services. Our Shielded Accounts, while enhancing transaction privacy, do not obscure the origin or destination of assets. This means users can only withdraw to the same address from which they deposited, ensuring traceability and adherence to anti-money laundering regulations. This approach allows us to offer a unique blend of privacy and compliance, making Redacted a trusted choice in the DeFi ecosystem.

Shareable Read-Only Private Key

Redacted respects and upholds the autonomy and privacy of its users even while facilitating transparency. With that in mind, we've devised a system that allows users, at their discretion, to generate a read-only private key. This read-only key can be shared with i.e. auditors or tax consultants if the user chooses to do so, providing a means for them to examine transactions without compromising the actual control or privacy of the user's activities. It is exclusively the user's choice to create and distribute this key, further ensuring user control and privacy. This unique feature balances the need for privacy with the potential requirements of compliance and auditability.


Powering DeFi

Public blockchains are great for transparency but personal financial privacy is entirely destroyed by it. Everyone with your wallet address can calculate your net worth and record your transactions. For the crypto space to not turn into a cyber dystopia we need to think about our financial privacy.

And we have just the solution for you.


Redacted money is completely trustless and you never lose custody over your assets. Decentralization is a key point in this and serves for your security.


The backbone of security for redacted money is our zk-snark (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) technology implementation. This is a form of cryptographic proof that allows one party to prove it possesses certain information without revealing that information. For this a secret key is created every time prior to a transaction taking place.


Meet our Roadmap

2024 Q1

Shielded Trading Accounts Rollout:

Embarking on a quest to enhance privacy in the DeFi space, we are thrilled to introduce "Shielded Trading Accounts" as a milestone on our roadmap. Leveraging state-of-the-art zk-SNARKs technology, these accounts will empower users to engage in trades while preserving their transaction privacy. By allowing off-chain transaction processing with zk-SNARK proofs, our Shielded Trading Accounts will add a new dimension of privacy, without compromising on the speed or efficiency of transactions. As we continue our commitment towards delivering secure and private DeFi solutions, stay tuned for the launch of these pioneering Shielded Trading Accounts.


The most common questions, here is the FAQ!

What information will be shielded?

Our Shielded Accounts are designed to conceal all your activities within the platform — including swaps, Liquidity Provider (LP) positions, and NFT holdings or assets. While a third party may observe the deposits into the shielded account and withdrawals back to your wallet, the specific transactions you undertake within the account — from token swaps to NFT interactions — remain veiled, ensuring your trading activity is shielded from public view.

Do I have full control over my assets?

Absolutely! Redacted upholds SELF-CUSTODY principles. You control YOUR assets ALWAYS. Deposits in Redacted smart contracts can be withdrawn anytime when not used for trading. No frozen funds. Trust code.

What does transaction fee mean?

Redacted takes a 0.1%-0.5% fee on transactions, this is to protect the protocol against bot and spam attacks. These fees will be transferred to the revenue pool.