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On-chain, private, compliant.


As simple
as that!


Augment your private-banking-account balance effortlessly with your asset of choice.


Trade tokens, NFTs and LP like usual.
Our private-banking-accounts, have your back!


Recapture your assets when required, sent directly back to your deposit address, maintaining absolute transaction privacy.


Let the Numbers Speak


Total Value Traded


Total Private Banking Accounts


Real Yield Generated



Redacted is designed with full regulatory compliance in mind, striving to uphold all relevant jurisdictional guidelines while providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Origin Verification

Private Accounts elevate transaction privacy without hiding asset origins or destinations. Users withdraw exclusively to their deposit address, ensuring full traceability and compliance with anti-money laundering standards.

Read-Only Key

Redacted blends privacy with transparency, allowing users to create a read-only private key. This key, shareable with auditors or consultants at user discretion, enables transaction review without sacrificing control or privacy. This optional feature ensures user autonomy while accommodating compliance needs.


Private Banking

With pioneering on-chain private banking, Redacted harmonizes the transparency blockchain offers with the privacy individuals demand, ensuring transactions are secure yet private. This innovative approach not only aligns with the vision of Web3 but also preserves the essence of freedom and democracy in the digital realm, marking a pivotal shift towards a future where privacy and transparency coexist seamlessly.


Redacted is completely trustless and you never lose custody over your assets. Decentralization is a key point in this and serves for your security.


The backbone of security for redacted is our zk-snark (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) technology implementation. This is a form of cryptographic proof that allows one party to prove it possesses certain information without revealing that information. For this a secret key is created every time prior to a transaction taking place.


Meet our Roadmap

2024 Q4

Private Banking Accounts Rollout:

Say goodbye to the complexity of non-compliant mixers and the vulnerability of exposed transactions.
DeFi privacy is just a click away.

More than Bank-Level Confidentiality:
Imagine DeFi transactions offering privacy on par with traditional banking, where not even a bank advisor could peek into your transactions. Redacted turns this vision into reality.

On-Chain Data Protection:
Redacted brings usable on-chain data protection to your fingertips, offering shielded accounts for enhanced privacy.

Comprehensive Privacy Solutions:
Whether it's trades, liquidity pools (LPs), or NFT transactions, Redacted ensures your activities remain private while adhering to regulatory compliance.

Privacy Made Easy:
With Redacted, achieving DeFi privacy doesn't have to be a challenge. It's privacy, simplified.


Native Wallet Integrations

Redacted will be natively integrated in ██████, ██████ & ██████.

Native Off-Ramp

Bridge the gap between ██████ and ██████.
Redacted Credit Card and more.

And beyond...


The most common questions, here is the FAQ!

What information will be private?

Our Private Banking Accounts are designed to conceal all your activities within the platform — including swaps, Liquidity Provider (LP) positions, and NFT holdings or assets. While a third party may observe the deposits into the Private Banking Account and withdrawals back to your wallet, the specific transactions you undertake within the account — from token swaps to NFT interactions — remain veiled, ensuring your trading activity is shielded from public view.

Do I have full control over my assets?

Absolutely! Redacted upholds SELF-CUSTODY principles. You control YOUR assets ALWAYS. Deposits in Redacted smart contracts can be withdrawn anytime when not used for trading. No frozen funds. Trust code.

What does transaction fee mean?

Redacted takes a 0.1%-0.5% fee on transactions, this is to protect the protocol against bot and spam attacks. These fees will be transferred to the revenue pool.